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Hockey Helmet - Wear It, Stay Alive

Hockey Helmet - Wear It, Stay Alive
By Cassaundra Flores

Hockey helmet is the most important gear that every player should wear before entering the field to protect themselves from injury. National hockey league players are advised to change their helmets once every seven years as that is all the wear and tear a hockey helmet can stand. Also if a person were to pick up a second hand helmet, it must be tested for durability else will not serve the purpose at all. The sport of hockey is such that people often collide with each other while playing a match and there could be injuries to the head. By wearing a safety hockey helmet, thereby reduces the risk of brain damage by 60%. In fact even on the roads, people who commute using two wheelers are advised to wear helmets, which is again for their own safety.

Along with the team uniforms, a helmet is also handed out to all players before the match. And they are required to have it on at all times. These helmets are usually made of high quality plastic that does not break or bend with collusions. Also the helmets must have a protective face mask with a secured leather strap secured tight around the chin. There are some players who don't like to wear the helmet saying it restricts their movement and hampers vision, but this will only cause harm to their head or skull and render them unfit for the sport. The hockey helmet has become so popular that today there are miniature helmets being created as part of the sports collectibles in many stores. People are ready to spend hundreds of dollars and buy one of these miniature versions just so they can own a piece of their team and proudly display it in their homes. There are also companies that make hockey helmets for fun purpose for children to enjoy while playing the game in their homes. Sometimes people like to buy these helmets and sport them at home as a curio piece. Or those who enjoy collecting sports memorabilia have a interest in these helmets amongst other sports gear. They enjoy purchasing and showing them off as part of their growing collection of sports collectibles.

All the leading doctors and ophthalmologists state the main reason for injury in sports is because of faulty or no head gear. While playing on ice, the risk factor is much more higher and so the need to protective gear is greater. Hockey helmet needs to be worn at all times while on the filed or arena irrespective of whether one is playing or not. The top selling hockey helmets are the ones made by Nike Bauer which has adjustable straps that allows the player to choose the place where he is comfortable in. these come in different colors and to fit different skull shapes. The helmets available in the market are authentic and some of the autographed helmets sold at souvenir stores are a way of preserving a moment of the sport forever.

Article written by Cassaundra Flores, owner of Sports Fan Store,

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